For employer

For employer

• The provision of fresh fruit in the workplace not only improves health but also the employee productivity. Besides being with fewer calories than usual office breakfast, eating more fruits at work can have only a positive impact on business performance;
• A study carried out by health and wellbeing consultancy vielife proved that a healthy employee is up to 20% more productive than an unhealthy employee Healthy employees therefore equal a healthy bottom line;
• Employees who look after their weight report less sickness absence than those classed as obese which means lower costs associated with illness and absence from work;
• Providing free fruit shows you care about the health of your employees who in turn feel more appreciated and motivated;
• The natural sugars in fruit allow us to think faster and remain alert longer which means no more afternoon slumps in energy and fuzzy brains;
• Employees spend up to 60% of the day perform their work duties, so healthy eating in the workplace can help them be happier while working;
• Eating more fruit and veg is the second most important cancer prevention strategy after giving up smoking;
• For each portion of fruit eaten there is up to a 40% greater level of protection against having a stroke; 


Increases staff productivity

           Market research indicates that after providing fruits to the workplace there is an increase by 18% of employees which are agree that the workplace "enables them to work more productively".

           79% of employees say that the provision of fruits makes them feel more valued as employees.

           Healthy eating is increasingly assessed both globally and in Bulgaria. Companies that care about the health and welfare of its employees directly benefit from their increased engagement and long-term staff retention. Research shows that 87% of staff prefers to be hired by a company that cares about the health of their employees. Over 80% of our customers claim that after the start of regular deliveries of fresh fruits, quality of life in their office has improved. 


Helps to improve the health and wellbeing among employees

           81% of employees claim that since we began to deliver fresh fruits to their offices has improved their quality of life in the workplace. 70% of employees have begun to consume more fruit and 45% have begun to eat fewer unhealthy foods and snacks. 


Improves corporate image and reputation

           The providing of fresh fruits has a very visible benefit among employees because of the impact even only because of the presence of fruit in the office. This is often a topic of conversation among them, which helps to differentiate companies and improve their corporate image and reputation.