For the employer

Providing fresh fruit in the workplace is not only a way to improve employee health and productivity, but also improves the company’s corporate image and reputation. In addition to being lower in calories than a regular office breakfast, eating more fruit at work can only have a positive impact on business efficiency.

• A study shows that an employee with a healthy lifestyle is up to 20% more productive than an employee with an unhealthy lifestyle;
• Employees who care for their weight report fewer sick leave than those classified as overweight, which means lower costs associated with illness and absenteeism;
• Providing fruit in the workplace shows that you care about the health of your employees, who in turn feel more valued and motivated;
• The intake of natural sugars from the fruits allows you to think faster and keep you alert throughout the day, preventing the afternoon drop in energy and fatigue among employees;
• Employees spend up to 60% of the day performing their work duties, so healthy eating at work can help them be happier while working;
• Eating more fruits and vegetables is the second most important strategy for cancer prevention after quitting smoking;
• Each serving of fruit eaten at work provides up to 40% higher levels of protection against stroke;

Increases staff productivity

A market study shows that there is an 18% increase in employees who agree that their workplace “allows them to work more productively” after providing fruit to the workplace.

79% of employees say that providing fruit makes them feel more valued as employees.

Healthy eating is increasingly valued, both globally and in Bulgaria. Companies that care about the health and well-being of their employees directly benefit from their increased commitment and long-term staff retention. A survey shows that 87% of staff prefer to be hired by a company that takes care of the health of its employees. Over 80% of our customers claim that after starting regular deliveries of fresh fruit, the quality of life in their office has significantly improved.

Helps to improve the health and well-being of employees

81% of employees say that since they have fresh fruit available at their desks, their quality of life in the workplace has improved. 70% of employees have started eating more fruit and 45% have started eating less junk food and snacks

Improves corporate image and reputation

Providing fruit has a very visible benefit among employees, due to the impact that the very presence of fresh fruit in the office has. This is often a topic of conversation among them, which helps them stand out from other companies and improves their corporate image and reputation.

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