Who are we? ?

We believe, that healthy eating is the key to longevity. A major part of a healthy diet is the regular consumption of a variety of fresh and fresh fruits. We make sure that you and your colleagues regularly receive a wide selection of specially selected first-class fruits from proven sources and proven producers.

What we offer

We offer free delivery (within the city. Sofia) on baskets with specially selected seasonal local, citrus and exotic fruits to the address and time specified by you. We make a special selection of the delivered fruits, to be sure, that you will get the most delicious, fresh and fresh fruit. Deliveries can be subscription and one-time, taking into account your wishes regarding place and delivery time, contents of the baskets (preferred fruits), terms for orders and payments, as well as other special requirements.


Our mission is to create healthy habits! Regular consumption of fresh fruit has a beneficial effect on health, mood and ability to work. A happy employee is a healthy employee, therefore: “take some!”

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